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Understand Your Dreams Now: Spiritual Dream Interpretation

June 15, 2015 on 5:34 am | In Dream Types | 2 Comments

“I took the essence of my years of dream interpretation training and what I look for as a dream expert. I also found a way to teach people that would allow them to catch on quickly through an accelerated dream learning process.” Doug Addison

Spiritual dream interpretation could possibly help you meet your future spouse, make the right business decisions at work, learn the calling of your children, see what may take place ahead of time, or even be at the right place at the right time! Understand Your Dreams Now is a crash course in dream interpretation drawn from decades of classroom and real world experience.

It contains everything you need to get started, including a dream dictionary.

In this concise book you will learn to:

• Get your dream’s meaning quickly with pinpoint accuracy.

• Develop your ability to hear God through your dreams and daily life.

• Recognize which dreams are important and in need of interpretation.

• Discover destiny dreams and life-calling dreams.

• Effectively deal with nightmares to get a positive outcome.

• Track and journal your dreams for future application.

• Discern the symbolic meaning behind zombies, vampires, and other dark images.

• Understanding children’s dreams and nightmares

• Find out the meaning of flying dreams, being chased, teeth coming loose, and more.

Although not all dreams are from God, quite often God guides us through dreams. For most of us, the most important thing to discover is the purpose of a dream, not just its meaning. Only then will we know how we should respond to it. This book will help you do just that.


With many years of experience, the wisdom of an ancient sage is mixed with relevancy of a contemporary prophetic spokesman in the writings of Doug Addison. This man’s understanding ranks among the top in this generation for “interpretive skills.” Deep, yet user friendly!

James W Goll

Encounters Network – Prayer Storm

Best Selling Author

Many today are dreaming significant dreams and yet lack understanding as to the interpretation. Doug Addison’s skillfully written book is a valuable resource for those who are looking for answers, insight, and teaching into the subject of dreams and their interpretation. Doug teaches that you CAN interpret your dreams and the dreams of others.

Patricia King

Founder of XPministries


Doug Addison’s book, Understand Your Dreams Now! Spiritual Dream Interpretation, is a comprehensive guide that anyone can use to interpret what God is speaking to them in their own dreams, and also become a powerful minister assisting others to understand the language of dreams. I encourage you to begin your “dream journey” by allowing this book to be a training manual, and to use Doug’s amazing journey and insights to help you along the way.

Randy Clark

Founder of Global Awakening and The Apostolic Network of Global Awakening

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  1. A wonderful guide to understanding your dreams 0

    Comment by pastorhutch — June 15, 2015 #

  2. Great insight and wisdom for all Dreamers 0

    Comment by Amazon Customer — June 15, 2015 #

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