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Warning Dreams

February 4, 2011 on 10:23 pm | In Dream Types | No Comments

Yesterday we talked about prophetic dreams. Today we’ll dive into warning dreams, even though the two are closely interrelated to one another. Unlike prophetic dreams, where the dreams just unfolds itself into our reality, warning dreams usually provide us with a visual experience, or a sense of urgency in the dream, that helps us change the potential outcome of the situation when it happens during our awaking state.

Warning dreams may not provide warnings to the dreamer themselves, but can provide warnings to the dreamer’s friends, family, and even people they don’t know. Warnings – the word itself – means something that warns, gives notice, or caution, usually in something dangerous that going to happen in the future, and whether it is small or big, it’s best that one can avoid them. Nobody knows for certain, why these warning dreams happen to certain people, but it has been said that karma can play a role in it.

Whether or not, this type of element does play in a role in warning dreams, they still happen for a reason, and that is to be able to send a message to the dreamer that something may be happening in the future and it is best for one to be more cautious than usual.

In the following examples from the book, you’ll read 2 examples in which tragedy was prevented through warnings in the dreams, and 2 examples in which tragedy happened because of neglecting to heed the warnings advice. Imagine what these warnings would look like in your own mind and take notice as to how these people dealt with them.

Case Examples of Warning Dreams

1. “A good case in point is a dream which occurred to my good friend Michael Bentine, the English star and writer, several years ago. At that time he was traveling to various parts of England as a cabaret performer, frequently going to smaller places in the provinces for the first time. During gone season he had a particularly vivid dream, while in London, in which he saw himself in his car driving along a country road which he did not recognize. In his dream he saw himself round a curve, when suddenly there appeared ahead of him the headlights of an oncoming car, traveling at great speed in his direction. Michael did not actually see the crash, but he felt that a crash was imminent as the dream ended. Nevertheless, the dream slipped his memory, as the weeks went by. Toward the end of the season he happened to be in the North Country of England, when one night he found himself driving along unfamiliar roads. As he was about to round a bend in the road, he noticed in the distance the headlights of an oncoming car. At that precise moment, the road seemed suddenly familiar to him, even though he had never traveled on it before. In an instant he recognized it was as the strange road of his dream, and the oncoming car as the headlights of his dream car. The recognition of this situation allowed him to take evasive action, just in time to avoid a head-on collision” (Holzer 84-85).

2. “Mrs. Howard Hitt is a housewife and mother in her late twenties, living in northern California. Her husband is a salesman, and they live an average life. The dream in question occurred to Mrs. Hitt during the last week of June 1970. At the time she and her husband were planning a trip to Reno, Nevada. In the dream she become aware of an accident involving two people, however the two people were not clear enough, though Mrs. Hitt had a strong feeling that an infant was involved. On awakening, she remembered the dream, without being able to give exact details concerning the nature of the accident. But the feeling was so strong that she wanted to cancel the trip. On the other hand, she knew that her husband had been looking forward to it, so she did not at first tell him about the dream. However, she decided to leave their six-month-old baby at home with her mother.

All week long she felt uneasy about undertaking the trip. ‘Finally at about eleven P.M. on the night before our Fourth of July trip, as we were resting for it, the feeling was so strong that I decided to mention it to my husband. To my surprise, he confessed he also had some apprehension all week,’ Mrs. Hitt explained. They decided to go anyway, but to be extremely cautious because of the dream. To their relief they arrived safely in Reno. But on their return trip they had a lot of trouble with their car, and what should have been an easy four-and-a-half-hour trip turned into ten hours. Under the circumstances Mrs. Hitt thought that the dream had simply been a warning that there would be difficulties with their car. But when they reached home, her mother informed her that someone had been trying to reach her by telephone. It turned out that the Hitts’ best friends, Mr. and Mrs. Richard B., had been returning from a drive-in movie on July 4, when they were struck by an oncoming car about a block from their home. The car was completely demolished and both friends were injured and hospitalized. Mrs. Hitt now felt that the dream had pertained to her best friends, rather than to herself. On the other hand, how was she to explain the feeling about an infant being involved? Mrs. B. then admitted that they had been thinking of taking the Hitts and Hitts’ children with them to the movie, but on learning later that they were about to leave on a trip to Reno had abandoned this idea” (Holzer 86-87).

3. “Robert P. B. was a captain in the United States Air Force when he registered one of his wife’s dreams with me on July 26, 1971. He has since left the Air Force to enter civilian life. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in microbiology. His wife, Nina, studied at the University of Southern California extension in Munich, Germany, while they were stationed there. It was in Munich that Mrs. B had the following vivid dream. On July 11, 1968, she saw herself with a black eye; furthermore, she received the impression that a good friend of hers named Jeannie, also would have a blackened eye received in connection with the terrace of her third-floor dormitory room. The following morning, Mrs. B. related the dream to Jeannie and advised her to stay away from her terrace. But her warning was ignored, and the following Saturday night, July 13, Jeannie went to a dance at one of the local servicemen’s clubs in Munich. She returned to the dormitory by curfew time, about 10:30 P.M. During the course of the evening she had had a disagreement with her boyfriend, and about midnight she decided to sneak out of the dormitory to try and make up with him. She did this by tying a rope to the terrace of her room and trying to slide down to the ground. In the attempt, however, she slipped and fell three stories. She received various injuries, including two blackened eyes. She then remember the warning given her by Mrs. B. and blamed her, in some strange fashion, for the incident, thus giving Nina a “spiritual black eye as well” (Holzer 90-91).

4. “…Mrs. Sue P. of California dreamt in 1967 that her son and she were in a large gathering. Her husband was with them, but all of a sudden he disappeared, and Mrs. P. told her son, in the dream, to look for his father. Shortly afterward, the son returned crying saying that his father was dead. The following morning she related this dream to her husband, Dr. C. P. The doctor laughed, and dismissed it as ‘only a dream.’ He was in perfect health, and there was no reason for alarm. Several weeks later, Mrs. P. had another dream. In this one she saw herself scanning a local newspaper, when she turned to obituaries. There she saw her husband’s name among those who had died, plain as day. The dream frightened her, especially as it recurred another time a week later. The following week, Doctor C.P. died suddenly from a heart attack” (Holzer 96-97).

In Michael’s dream, he was about to see headlights coming in his direction. He felt a crash before he woke up. This feeling allowed him to avoid a head-on collision he nearly had when he experienced that same thing in reality.

The Hitts, had a dream of an accident involving two people and an infant. To keep their child safe, they left their child to their mother. If they were to stay behind with their child, they would have gone to the drive-through movie theater with their best friend, but decided not to. Upon returning, their dream had come true as the two people involved in the accident were their best friends. What if they had stayed? They, and their child, would have also been in the accident.

In Mrs. B dream, she dreamt of her friend having a blackened eye, but Jeannie ignored these warnings and decided to take the risk. Mrs. B’s vision came true when Jeannie injured herself, and had two black eyes.

In Mrs. P’s dreams, she had two reoccurring warnings – one of her son crying and witnessing the father’s death and her own witness of her husband’s death at the obituaries. These warnings, however were ignored by the doctor and perhaps he had taken their advice, would have had gone to a checkup and see that his state was in fact, not in perfect health, that there might have been something wrong with his heart which could of prevented him from getting a heart-attack.

The thing about warning dreams is you never know when the warnings are going to come at you. But it is best if you go with your gut instinct. This will be the part of you that tells you that you better not do that or don’t go there alone. If you feel that a dream is telling you something, and you feel a strong emotional feeling upon feeling that experiences, don’t just ignore it, but rather make it a mental note or write it down somewhere.  You never know if it is actually a warning dream that wants to help you in some way, or a dream that is trying to tell you about preventing something unwanted from happening in the future.

Tristan Lee is a writer who enjoys helping others with self-improvement and personal success. Read more of his self-improvement posts at his blog, http://tristanleesblog.com/.
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