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What My Dreams Mean ~ Your Personal Dream Guide

February 15, 2013 on 6:33 pm | In Dream Types | 2 Comments

Are you ready for an all access pass to your infinite inner wisdom, creativity and answers? Open the magnificent gifts your dreams deliver nightly and enjoy their treasures. With this easy, unique, personalized guide, understanding your dreams is fun and easy. Dream tonight, know its meaning tomorrow.
Author, radio show host and filmmaker, Tina Marie Bueno shares her insights and experience into the wondrous reality of dreams.

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  1. “Easy to understand my dreams immediately!” Almost daily my family and I talk about what we dreamed. We get some great stories but we don’t always understand their meaning. With this easy guide book, it not only turned into a fun conversation for the whole family (we each applied the steps to our own dream); but we had some major insights that helped us get the dream message and that opened the door for more conversation, more connection, more self-awareness, and more family time. It’s a short guide with big results. I like that someone isn’t trying to tell me what my dreams meam. Instead, I have the power to know because it’s unique to me.

    Comment by Alberto Zuniga — February 15, 2013 #

  2. This information really works! I’ve read several books on dreams that are basically dictionaries for the meaning of different parts of your dreams. This book gives you steps to not only interpret your dreams but also how to use your dreams for answers to questions you have about your life. I tried the concept the first night and the next morning I had a dream to use to incorporate the steps. It did indeed give me a surprising answer but one that made total sense. There is alot of good information here along with a link to that dream dictionary if you need it.

    Comment by Jennifer J. Hunt — February 15, 2013 #

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