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When Novelists Dream | Blog Your Blessings

December 23, 2007 on 3:16 pm | In Dream Types | 2 Comments

I’ve been dreaming a novel for years. Only recently have I started to write it down. Oh, it comes to me in the daytime, too. But much of it (probably the best part) has come to me in the light dreaming state just before and after true sleep.

I have long believed that all original art is channeled. It could be from our deep inner selves or from the shared dreamworld that Jung wrote about. Wherever it comes from, original art—whether written, performing, or visual—does seem to come from somewhere other than our conscious, rational minds.

And so I feel blessed by such dreaming. I hear words and see pictures that I would otherwise never see without dreaming.

May your dream visions be beautiful, inspiring and entertaining! And may you share those blessings with others in whatever creative way you choose.

2 comments on “When Novelists Dream | Blog Your Blessings

  1. This is a blessing, indeed. Best of journeys to you on your writing endeavor.

  2. You must have better dreams than I. If I wrote a novel from my dreams, it would be a bit like wondering around an unknown city in the dark. LOL

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