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I See Dreams

January 24, 2014 on 12:36 am | In Dreamers | No Comments

Sometimes, I see
Peace and harmony
Justice and integrity

Sometimes, I see
Love and prosperity
Shaping the destiny

Sometimes, I see
Tolerance and Respect
Among the whole community

Sometimes I see
Goodwill and Equality
Faith and unity

Sometimes, I see
Affluence of commodity
End of poverty

Sometimes, I see…
Sometimes, I see…
But dreams only!

I have not heard anything from you
I was then much busy too
To remind you about, the last shout
Of the mercenaries, whose guns sprout
The crop of bullets, in recurring bout
To paralyze minds, and life of all kinds

Surely, have you, heard these too
But have been waiting, for calculating
How much children, have they under run

The merciless crops, of guns pops
Up to the hill, to kill and to kill

The palsy shacked bodies
The paralyzed souls
The frozen minds
And impaired wholes

See them walking
With another talking
In pensive mood
With tone rude

I feel sympathy
For their entity
Nevertheless, I see
They are free

Free from thoughts
Satisfied over lot
I retreat
To let them create

A world of their own
Where they can moan
Without interference
And with clearance

I retreat! I retreat!
To grab power more
To snatch everything
To become ruler sole

You always bore
Like this a tinge
Burning your soul

You went to the core
To devastation bring
Between the two poles

With wealth you lore
And praises sing
Of brains with hole

The world you tore
Death toll you ring
A rule out you dole

Original Author: Akram Saqib Full Bio

self observation

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