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The American Dream Speech

August 28, 2013 on 9:36 am | In Dreamers, Taking Action, Visions | No Comments

We all have an American Dream. What is yours?

Perhaps it was being raised in an environment of love… where worship, music, food and education flourished on the foundation of freedom that is our nucleus … the American Family. Or maybe it was discovering your talents and dreams, working hard to realize them in the architecture and rhythm of the American Culture.

While for others it may be meeting the woman of your dreams, falling in love and spending eighteen years of joy filled moments with 5 of the most beautiful children that give reason to rejoice and insure the hope of America will breathe eternal.

How blessed I am to stand before you and say this has been my American dream, my life and my pursuit of happiness.

America is inspired by the glory of a dream. A dream that says welcome to our vast home. A home whose foundation has survived the quake of war, the brutal attacks of terror and the constant threat from those who wish to defy our constitution.

We rejoice in knowing the American Dream has not weakened but rather strengthened in adversity, grown stronger through conflict and rests in the arms of the greatest military in the world. Our freedom is their promise. Our lives are fortified by the men and women who bravely sacrifice theirs.

Through them we are embraced… we are liberated…we are protected.

From this strength we touch the world like a kaleidoscope of joy that contributes to the complexion of this great Nation and offers hope for all man kind. When Abraham Lincoln, in his Gettysburg Address, proclaimed “all men are created equal.” he was not speaking exclusively about Americans. We inherited the journey towards equality and human rights from our forefathers and have served them well.

Original Author: John Ferraro Full Bio
My song speaks of friends and family, heroes who are soldiers and heroes who are citizens. The lyrics span history and sow a tapestry of dreams like no other land.

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