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Katrina: Through the Eyes of Children

October 10, 2012 on 12:32 pm | In Dream Images, Dreaming True | No Comments

Up to a certain age, usually around 7 years old, children’s drawings are a lot like dream images. As children’s brains develop, their perception changes, and so do their drawings. This project, Katrina: Through the Eyes of Children, which was intended as art therapy, also provides powerful symbols that adult students of dreams can appreciate.

October 2005, one month after the hurricane, teams of art therapists and volunteers began visits to Renaissance Village, FEMA’s largest trailer village, to assist the children with their trauma. The artwork that emerged out of the chaos and tragedy documents loss, anger and depression as well as the survivors’ hopes and dreams for the future. Katrina: Through the Eyes of Children is presented as part of an historical collection to honor and gain insight from the perspective of children.

This image was created by a seven-year-old male while seeking temporary shelter at Istrouma Baptist Shelter after scrambling with his mother to leave their home in New Orleans on a bus. The artist: “This is me escaping the storm. There was a scary sky and terrible wind.”

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