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fire note

January 20, 2013 on 9:34 pm | In Dreaming True | 2 Comments

it fell out of a sylvia browne book.

truth is, fire represents whatever one feels like having it represent. that’s the essence of symbolism. to me, fire represents the oxidization of chemicals resulting in the release of energy in the form of heat and light.

the concept of fire representing something eternal or ethereal represents, to me, the great failure of an entire generation of humans to directly face the power and danger inherent in technological and scientific advancement, and their choice to simply ignore both benefits and threats in favour of placing their faith and funds into empty spirituality.

can’t contemplate the fact that fire may fall on you from the sky? better start living your life to the fullest with feng shui and herbal medicine.

2 comments on “fire note

  1. paul_k on said:

    Let’s hear it for empty spirituality.

  2. wonder, under
    all representations lie -
    life, light, darkness present,
    and fire presents – light and darkness.

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