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A Dream Realization Exercise

January 11, 2013 on 9:30 pm | In Dreamwork | No Comments

What are your dreams? To become the next Hollywood superstar? A great singer or musician? Or is it something simple like a teacher or a homemaker? Whatever your dream it is not difficult to realize if you put some hard work and inspiration into it.

Take this simple exercise.
Get a notebook and start writing down some of the goals and dreams you had or have for your life. Make a few headers and name one: ‘Things I know I can do’. Label another header: Things I think I can do, and the third: ‘Things that are impossible for me to do’. Now set some goal setting tasks to accomplish each item under your first header.
As you complete those items in your first header, move on to the next: ‘Things I think I can do’, and work on those.
As you go through each item you would realize that accomplishing your goals are not so difficult once you really put some effort into them. The idea is you can do anything you put your mind to once you set targets.  Who knows, you might just be able to accomplish something under your header ‘Things that are impossible to do’. Set goals and work on them one at a time. But make sure that the goals you set are achievable, don’t set goals that are difficult to accomplish within a given time, you must be realistic.
You have to realize too that whatever it is you want for your life would take hard work and diligence. You cannot accomplish anything if you don’t work toward it. Just look at all the major accomplishments the world has derived so far – Space travel, cell phones, computers and the internet. All these were invented by people just like you and me. They had a dream and some people were just able to improve on another person’s ideas, and so can you.
You’ve heard the saying genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. And this is very true. You must work toward accomplishing your dreams. Not just the small ones but the big ones, the ones that take 1% inspiration. All those Olympic athletes who won gold, silver and bronze, did not get where they were just by dreaming. They worked hard, long hours training and developing their techniques. No pain, no gain as the saying goes.
So don’t give up on your dreams. There are no limits to what you can accomplish. Just make up your mind to work on what you want and the sense of accomplishment you feel when you achieve it is the greatest feeling in the world.

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Lisa Granger’s website http://www.howtoimproveyourlife.info is a personal development site with self-improvement audio/e-books and articles on a variety of topics that you can use to help you improve your life.

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