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Flow-Dreaming, the Next Step in Active Dreaming | BYBS

March 15, 2009 on 11:59 pm | In Active Dreaming, Dream Books | 3 Comments
FlowDreaming book and CD by Summer McStravick

FlowDreaming book and CD by Summer McStravick

 You know what a fan I am of Robert Moss and his concept of active dreaming. That is, deliberately going back into dreams, taking action there in order to change situations in the waking world. Moss teaches that dreams are a tool for healing ourselves and the situations around us, and that we can use dreams actively to do that.

I have found another author on using the power of dreams to enhance your life. Her name is Summer McStravick.

McStravick, producer and director of Hay House Radio, has a similar concept, which she calls flowdreaming. And she takes it even farther, I think. 

In her book-and-CD-set, FlowDreaming, McStravic teaches us to go into “the flow” of the universe and make changes in our life from inside the flow. Starting from a visualization system that her family used when she was growing up, McStravick further developed it into a system for manifesting the conditions you want in your life.

The small hardback book is short and pithy, a clearly written instruction book that is also very inspiring. FlowDreaming comes with a CD of guided meditations and guided journeys into flow-dreaming. McStravick has a very good voice, by the way.

I love this book and highly recommended it. And the price is right. I got the book with CD for only $12.21 on Amazon.com. 

I hope you try this book and use it to make your good dreams come true. Learning to get into (and direct) the flow is a true blessing.


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  1. I would like to make changes from within the flow to the lives of others. Specifically, the money-grubbing bigwigs who have almost bankrupted our country. It would have to be called Low Dreaming, I guess.

    Comment by CyberCelt — March 22, 2009 #

  2. Wow! I totally love the atmosphere here. And funny I am about to go back to bed. I just promised myself to click on the last link from BYBS blogroll for today place a comment then go offline.

    Now I’m off to dreamland indeed! Have a great week!

    And hope you do drop by my blog too..

    Comment by Daisy — March 31, 2009 #

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