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Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On on Vimeo by Teri Brewer

February 23, 2013 on 6:35 am | In Active Dreaming | No Comments

This little piece was made for the TAG conference to be held in Bristol in December 2010. It is a collaboration with two of my own former students, the multi media artist Alan Williams, and singer/songwriter Cheryl Beer, but the film footage and photographs are mostly a "mash up" from my own back catalog. No intention to present this material as reflective of a real site, you know. Just a dream provoked by late nights and some student experiences of my own as well as theirs.

The initial idea for the film was inspired by a call for some parody, satire and other forms maybe tickling the soft underbelly of archaeological theory. It took, as these things sometimes do, a slightly different direction….
Here we have a dozing student half processing an illustrated lecture on an archaeological expedition she is listening to, mixed together with floating ideas from her recent reading on theory about the possible cultural consequences of anthropogenic fire. Then there are her own experiences of working with artifacts and materials from several sites. The other inspiration was my recollection of the song "Lost in a Discourse" that Welsh singer Cheryl Beer had written years ago when she was a student of mine at the University of Glamorgan.

The song actually refers in part to a lecture given by the feminist scholar Stevi Jackson with whom I taught at the time. Cheryl kindly agreed to record a new version of the song slightly re-written especially for this project. Alan Williams and I frequently collaborate on visual projects and exhibitions together. He created the animation at the center of the film as well as being co-editor of the film.

Two other former colleagues Pauline and John Young were part of the discussions that led to our experiment and did the voice-overs found at the beginning and end of the film.

Anyone who knows much about rock art will realize that we have taken huge liberties in the photographs and animations used, these rock art images include material from Baja California, central California and an assortment of international rock art motifs including some from South Africa. But so it is with dreams…..

Watch this video on Vimeo. Video created by Teri Brewer.

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