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Creative Dreaming While Half Awake

December 15, 2007 on 5:33 pm | In Answer Dreams, Dreamwork | 1 Comment

Many of us dream of work. Unfortunately those are often anxiety dreams. Some result from working too many hours with not enough sleep.

Sometimes we are neither completely asleep nor completely awake all night. Instead, we may be endlessly hashing over work problems and tensions, unable to let go and really sleep. Sometimes we are kept from true sleep and true dreaming just by knowing that the alarm clock will be disrupting our sleep in all too short a time.

But work need not be a destroyer of sleep and rest. And those half-awake states can be put to positive use. Dream states of all kinds can be useful sources of creative ideas and problem-solving.

I get some of my best creative ideas in the half-awake reverie between dreaming and waking. I also often get creative answers to questions or problems. Usually I remember them, too.

(Isn’t it frustrating to sometimes remember that you had a great idea or found a solution to a problem while dozing but then not be able to remember what it was?)

The most productive times seem to be just before falling asleep and just before getting up. In fact, sleeping late can sometimes be a very productive time for working on creative projects and solutions. Somehow, being awakened in the night—for whatever reason—does not seem to be conducive to creative dreaming for me.

How about you? What is your experience with finding creative solutions while dreaming in a half sleep or lightly dozing reverie?

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  1. The Celtic bards would sleep on their thoughts and get up early to write. They used the magic of sleep and dreaming to cultivate their thoughts before they created poems!

    Comment by SandyCarlson — December 16, 2007 #

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