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Don’t You Want to Remember Your Dreams? | Blog Your Blessings

December 9, 2007 on 6:03 pm | In Dreamwork | 3 Comments

I work with a group that sometimes does dreamwork. I have mentioned them here before.

Last month one member requested that we repeat an active dreaming exercise that we tried a couple of months ago. So this month people were reminded to bring dreams that they wanted help with interpreting.

But no one did—not even the person who requested the dreamwork session. (Fortunately we had plenty of other good material to work with.)

This month I’ve been trying to remember dreams so that I would have one to work with in the group. But most of my attention was really on business, family, and recovering from a respiratory infection. I dreamed, but I could only remember fleeting glimpses.

Did I really try? I certainly was not writing down those dream glimpses. Why not?

All this got me to wondering: Do we often forget our dreams because we fear to remember them? That might not be because they are nightmares. We may not want to deal with the messages or future visions they would show us.

Maybe we feel that we already have too much to cope with in our busy modern lives, without taking time to work with dreams, too. If so, then we are mistaken, because working with dreams can help us resolve issues and prevent worse problems.

When all is said and done, dreams are just our inner selves’ way of talking to us (even if only to tell us to eat less spicy food!). Dreams are a blessing. And that’s all I have to say about that.

What are your thoughts on dreams, dreaming, and why we don’t try harder to remember and work with them?

3 comments on “Don’t You Want to Remember Your Dreams? | Blog Your Blessings

  1. If you wish to keep a dream journal, then place it right by your bed. Upon awakening, before you do anything, write down your dreams. You will find that you will begin to remember them more clearly. Sometimes, you may have 3 or more dreams a night. If you awaken, jot down your last dream. Have a great week.

  2. Hi, Cyber Celt

    I actually do keep a journal and pen by my bed, and I know about dream journaling. That’s why it puzzles me that I was not doing what I teach others to do.

    It made me wonder if there might be some psychological resistance there. Got the tools. Got the time. Why am I not using them? And then I started wondering if others were exhibiting the same behavior. And if so, why. So I decided to ask.

    Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for commenting!

  3. I don’t remember dreams. Perhaps it’s dread or perhaps it’s laziness. I suspect some resistance. A dream workshop leader suggested that beginning to recall them is a matter of discipline–keeping the journal by the bed and being conscious of a desire to remember.

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