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Dream Meaning of Flying and Chasing Dreams

November 13, 2012 on 1:43 pm | In Dreamwork | No Comments

List of Some Flying Dream Scenario

Exhilarating and above a landscape – This suggests that the dreamer is in control of the situation. It may be suggestive that the person has risen above a certain challenge. It makes the person feel good about something whether it’s related to work, home or life in general.

Flying with wings – Similar to dreams about angels and birds, it usually means that the dreamer is clear about his or her future and has strong things and morals to back this confidence.

Uneasy and could not stay in flight – suggests lack of control of one’s own circumstances.

Difficult navigation or obstructions during flight – The dream analysis could indicate that the person is currently going through a particularly challenging obstacle. It may also mean that the person is frustrated or feels burdened.

Fear of flight and feels like moving towards the unknown – Dream interpretation for this type of flying feeling may suggest fear of success or that the person is currently unsure if he or she will overcome a challenge. For others, it can mean that the person is experiencing too much pressure from high expectations.

Flying dreams often leave the dreamer with a sense of freedom and accomplishment. It is said in dream interpretations that this symbolizes a strong will. It can also be symbolic of creative ideas.

Running and Chase Dream

Most people will find that they have a common dream theme. Among those that are widely observed and are requested for dream interpretation are the ones where one feels like he is being chased or he/she is running away from something.

Generally, this signifies anxiety. Running is a response to a threat. In most chase dreams, a pursuer is after you — this maybe an animal, an unknown entity or an outright attacker. You run, hide and do everything in your power to avoid your pursuer. The dream interpretation of such will most likely reflect how you deal with stress and fears in real life.

There is also a type chase dream where everything moves in slow motion. This signifies that the thing you are trying to escape is more difficult that you’ve imagined. When asking for a dream interpretation, it is important to add details like: the pace of your pursuer, your own pace, obstacles that get in the way and who or what is chasing you.

There is yet another type of chase dream where the roles are reversed. Here, you are the one chasing after something. The dream interpretation for this may include your ambitions and your drive. It may also mean you are feeling like you’re not achieving something, hence, you are “chasing” after it.

In either case, the distance between your pursuer or the item being pursued could be indicative of how close you are to a resolution. Even the way it ends can have its own dream interpretation. For most people experiencing a chase or running dream, there is no ending. They wake up before anything actually happens. For others, there is an ending – it could be the item/person you are chasing after completely gets away or your pursuer catches up to you. A resolution in your dream often also means that your problem or issue has also been solved or that you are ready to confront your fears.

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