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How Exercise Can Help Your Dreams

May 5, 2012 on 4:07 pm | In Dream Come True, Dreamwork | No Comments

Recently I wrote about how distressing dreams can trouble your sleep. Anxiety dreams can leave you exhausted in the morning. They can also crowd out the memories of more pleasant and productive dreams, robbing you of the benefits of dream insights.

Regular, moderate exercise can help relax your body and allow you to sweat out the stress chemicals that your body produces because of anxiety. The result can be a much better night’s sleep and more pleasant dreams.

Everyone knows about the benefits of exercise for your body. Exercise builds strength and replaces fat with muscle. It improves balance, agility and endurance. Stretching while exercising improves flexibility. As a result, you are less likely to injure yourself in daily life, and being pleasantly tired and relaxed helps you sleep better.

When you are more relaxed, you are also more open to dream insights. You are less likely to miss important messages from your subconscious mind, which communicates a wealth of otherwise subliminal information through dream imagery.

Also, if you spend plenty of time in bed to get the amount of sleep you should need, and you still wake up tired, then getting regular, moderate exercise may allow you to sleep soundly, so that you have no need to sleep so much. With the time you save, you can wake up a little earlier and jot down some notes on your dreams in your dream journal to study later. That alone will improve your dreams, because the subconscious responds to attention.

The act of writing in a dream journal informs your subconscious that you are paying attention to your dreams. That means you will remember more dreams. And by writing your dreams down and rereading them later, you will learn more from them.

Of course, if you dream of feeling healthier, having more energy, and looking better, exercise can help you with that, too. Regular, moderate exercise works. And that can help make some of your dreams come true.

There are many options for exercising. For maximum physical benefit, though, a well-rounded workout, as described by 90 Day Review, is recommended.

This is a guest post provided by Fitness Alliance. 

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