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A DREAM COME TRUE: Simple Techniques for Dream Interpretation and Precognitive Dream Recognition

November 2, 2012 on 12:34 am | In Dreamwork, Interpreting Dreams | 1 Comment
A Dream Come True (book)

A Dream Come True

Every night when you fall sleep, you have the opportunity to gain new insights into your life, your work, and your relationships through your dreams.

A Dream Come True is a friendly, down-to-earth guide to interpreting and even guiding your nighttime reveries, discover:

how emotions are the building blocks of your dreams

the strength to embrace the fears your dreams reveal

training your dream habits to mimic your waking habits

the particular power of lucid dreams

important differences between long and short dreams

appreciating color, music, and visual metaphors in dreams

tapping into your extrasensory perception via dreams

interpreting precognitive dreams

Rejecting the hard-and-fast deterministic approach of traditional “dream dictionaries,” while never denying the power of cultural symbols that influence us all, professional dreamer David L. Kahn shows you how to listen to your subconscious and gives you the tools you need to determine what your unique dreams mean to you.

Royalties from the sale of this book benefit The Aid for Traumatized Children Project.

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  1. Insightful with common applications David presents his work in small morsels of insight with common application that you can easily relate to and identify with. I found myself thinking along his line of reasoning. His poetry adds a personal touch that helps connect you with his work and somehow you just “get it” you know what he is talking about. It had meaning and application to my dreaming experience.

    Comment by Ruben Bailey "Ruben Bailey" — November 2, 2012 #

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