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A Solution For All Problems – The Miraculous Scientific Dream Interpretation

June 16, 2013 on 1:14 am | In Interpreting Dreams | No Comments
Museum of Modern Art Henri Rousseau. The Dream...

Museum of Modern Art Henri Rousseau. The Dream, 1910 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know you read my words and you believe that everything I write is very interesting, but you cannot believe that dream interpretation according to the scientific method can help you as much as I have been showing you in my articles.

The internet is full of sites about dream interpretation, which don’t really help anyone, because their interpretations are subjective opinions. They don’t know how to translate the dream language.

Imagine that you didn’t know how to speak a foreign language, but you would still try to interpret its meaning…

Could your imagination or all your notions about everything else help you understand the meaning of a foreign language, without having studied it and without learning how to translate it into your native language?

This is what all dream interpreters do. Without any real knowledge about the meaning of the dream language, they give you their opinion about the meaning of your dreams.

Their words are very beautiful and many times their interpretations seem to make sense, but they are only suppositions, which are very far from being the real translation of the dream language. You’ll be able to verify this once you are able to decipher the mysterious dream language, and you’ll learn how to exactly translate it into words that you can understand.

You’ll see the difference which exists between all false interpretations and the real translation of the dream messages, because you’ll observe that the dream messages give you precious and real information about crucial matters of your life.

Exactly because dream interpretation has been so distorted by so many impostors for centuries and centuries until today, nobody gives any importance to the meaning of dreams.

However, when you learn the dream language, which was discovered by the psychiatrist Carl Jung and simplified by me, who continued his research discovering more, you’ll see that your dreams help you very much. All dreams are full of important messages that try to protect you from all dangers, and help you find solutions for all your problems.

Your dreams are produced by the wise unconscious mind, an organ directed by God. God is a superior brain that keeps trying to transform our wild nature into a perfect and wise nature.

If you are atheist, you must understand that almost everything that you have learned about the animal evolution on our planet based on Charles Darwin’s theory, is false.

He discovered that the human being is in fact an animal, a primate, and this discovery is remarkable, but his theory about the natural selection and the evolution of the species is totally wrong, which has been proved by the biologist and behaviorist Konrand Lorenz in 1974.

Lorenz received the Nobel Prize thanks to his research concerning animal behavior and the learning process existent in each species, concluding that there are several behavioral programs already prepared in each organism, before they are born, which allow them to be able to survive in a hostile environment where they have so many enemies, before having the time to learn anything.

The preparation of so many behavioral programs is an unexplainable mystery, which clearly shows us that the animal evolution in our planet was already programmed. Nothing happened by chance.

Only a wise brain could prepare all these programs and organize so well the functionalism of nature on Earth, with such a big variety of animals and plants.

The appearance of this huge variety of species on Earth is also another unexplainable phenomenon, especially because our planet is too young. When did all the transformations that allowed the appearance of so many different species happen?

The discovery of the existence of God and the possibility to be in contact with Him through the unconscious mind that produces your dreams is something extraordinary, that you had never imagined possible.

When you learn the dream language, you’ll see that all dream messages have a philosophical or religious background, besides working like medicine for your brain. You’ll then realize that the dream wisdom comes from a wise brain that doesn’t belong to the human being, because of its extraordinary superiority.

This wisdom will save you, and show you how you can successfully solve all the problems of your life, even if you are a victim of terror, and you are in the most profound despair.

Only the saintly wisdom of the unconscious mind can put an end to terrorism, violence, immorality and all the horrors of our absurd world. You’ll verify how true this statement is, feeling grateful for having so much protection, and for having access to so much knowledge.

Original Author: Christina Sponias Full Bio

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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