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Dream Interpretation – The Relationship Between the Different Dreams You See in the Same Night

July 7, 2013 on 7:19 am | In Dreamwork, Interpreting Dreams | 2 Comments
Flower dream

Flower dream (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

All dreams you see in the same night explain to you exactly the same things but from different points of view, and give importance to other characteristics.

You see around five dreams per night even if you don’t remember them. All these dreams give you the same lesson with different examples, focusing in other matters and showing you all the consequences of your actions.

The unconscious mind is your psychiatrist and teacher. You may ignore this fact, but you indispensably need psychotherapy, even if you believe that you are normal and nothing could ever make you behave in an absurd manner. Unfortunately you inherited a content which could only be named craziness, in the wild part of your conscience. This is your primitive conscience, which is still alive inside you.

It is schizophrenic and it has too much power and energy, like all wild animals. The unconscious mind sends you protective dreams everyday exactly in order to show you how you can tame this absurd part of your brain and transform it into a sensitive and sensible part of your human conscience.

This is why all dreams you see in the same night are like variations of the same pattern, with different scenes but similar messages.

For example, you may see in a dream that you are flying in the air. This means that you are far from the objective reality, lost in your own fantasies, which is quite dangerous because if you don’t examine reality as it is, you will certainly fall into many traps in your way and suffer very much.

Then you see another dream where many people are trying to reach the top of a mountain, but there is too much fog and they never manage to go up.

The people you see are parts of your own personality; the different parts that have different characteristics and are trying to achieve a goal. The top of a mountain is a place that represents victory. When you see in a dream that you are at the top of a mountain this is a very good sign, because it means that you reached a higher level of knowledge with your achievements.

However, in the dream all the people that were trying to go up were unable to, therefore the dream has a negative meaning.

The fog prevents you from seeing everything clearly around you, which means that the parts of your personality that were not able to attain the top are not able to see reality, blinded by many obstacles.

As you can see, the meaning of both dreams is the same: you are far from the objective reality, and you are not able to do what you must, because you cannot see all dangers.

Both dreams are trying to make you understand that your position is very dangerous and you must pay attention to the reality in which you live, otherwise you will have to face many sad experiences.

Write down all the dreams you remember every day, and try to find out what the relationship is between them, because they are all connected.

There is a relationship between the dreams you see in the same night and the dreams you see during certain periods of time, because the unconscious mind gives you lessons gradually, showing you all the existent dangers, all your mistakes, and how you can protect yourself not only from the cruel world, but also from your own wild side.

Original Author: Christina Sponias Full Bio

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.
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