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Dreams of Beautiful Golden Coins Can Come True

June 12, 2013 on 6:49 pm | In Dream Come True, Dream Symbols, Interpreting Dreams | No Comments

Despite the plethora of dream interpretation books, the truth is that the same symbol can have many meanings. A positive or neutral feature in one culture or context, can be ominous in another.

Some symbols, though are almost universally positive. For example, beautiful gold coins can represent not only wealth but royalty, sunshine, happiness, and the sun itself.

Worldwide, almost everyone loves gold. It is the standard of wealth to which most aspire. If you dream of gold coins are dream of showering them on a loved one, you can—or at least you can easily give them as gifts, either alone or in jewelry.

America used to mint gold coins, as many countries still do. They are very collectible.

The American Indian Gold Coin, for example, is beautiful all on its own and can easily be mounted in a gold holder and worn as a pendant. Two coins make a beautiful set of earrings, either with both heads facing front or with one coin reversed to show the beautiful art on the back.

The gold frame (findings) are available at most coin stores and some jewelry stores. Each one holds a coin securely with no glue or other damage to the coin and provides a loop for attaching the coin to a chain (or to earrings).

Five or more coins hanging from a gold chain make a gorgeous necklace. You can also add coins for birthdays or other occasions, building a splendid, regal necklace of beautiful golden coins with historic American art…and a hint of gypsy romance.

Whether you dream of gold coins as a symbol of wealth, prosperity, ease and security, or you dream of giving others a classic, lasting and beautiful gift, you can make your (and their) dreams of beautiful gold coins come true.

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