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How to Interpret Career-Related Dreams

November 25, 2011 on 5:31 pm | In Answer Dreams, Dream Come True, Future Dreams, Interpreting Dreams, Message Dreams, Musings | No Comments

Dreams often guide us into new directions, but you have to listen to them. And you have to take action.

People often dream of new careers. Have you ever found yourself doing work in a dream that you have never done in real life? That could be a clue (or a warning, if it was something you did not like).

Most often, though, the direction is more subtle. You may awaken with a feeling of pride or achievement, a sense that something good awaits you, or just a vague feeling of hope or happiness. It is up to you to decide how to interpret those feelings.

So even if you have never dreamed of, for example, becoming a Registered Tax Return Preparer, that may still be that career of your dreams. It helps to be open to pursuing new ideas, and now is a great time to learn more about the possibilities.

After all, everyone has to file income taxes, and as rules and returns become more complex, more good tax preparers are needed every year. Even if you just want a part-time job during tax season, becoming a paid tax preparer may be just the answer to your dreams.

New IRS requirements for paid tax preparers took effect in January 2011. So even if you have been a paid tax preparer in the past, you will have to study to pass the new IRS tax preparer exams. But there are some great courses and guides that help you prepare for the tax preparer exam.

And once you have your tax preparer certification, you are ready for a career of getting paid for helping people, a career you can take pride in. It could very well be the career of your dreams.

So whatever you dream of, always be open to the possibilities. You may find an even bigger dream that will surprise and reward you, like being a registered tax preparer.

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