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It Is not as if Jung Invented Dreams, but…

August 2, 2012 on 1:10 pm | In Dream Images, Dream Symbols, Interpreting Dreams | No Comments

it is not as if Carl Jung invented dreams, or even dream therapy. Certainly his mentor, Dr. Freud, worked with his clients’s dreams in therapy and wrote about them, too.

But Jung did seem to have a special insight into the meaning and purpose of dreams, and he was able to develop a remarkably effective system called jungian psychoanalysis. For that reason, people throughout the world not only honor him but still use and benefit from his work.

Jung continued to work with the imagery in dreams in a variety of ways, including having people draw their own mandalas that represented their inner worlds.

He also seemed to see a connection between dreams and synchronicity, because both involve the deep connection shared by all humanity in their innermost consciousness, or unconscious minds. So Jung explored not only the imagery but also the metaphysics of dreams and the connections with waking life in a revolutionary new way.

Helping patients examen their dreams, Jung saw archetypes, shared images so widespread that he considered them to be universal among human dreamers. Using those archetypes and other dream symbols he was able to help many people and to inspire generations of therapists  who continue to help many more, using jungian analysis.

Jung’s ideas on dreams and imagery have continued to inspire not only therapists but also artists and even ordinary people as more and more of us are influenced by his ideas—even if we do not always know their origin.

Jungian therapy has spread worldwide, but New York City seems to be especially rich in jungian therapists. If you live in the New York area, you are lucky. It is not hard to find a great jungian therapist nyc.

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