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Meanings and Close Analysis of Symbols Behind Dreams

August 31, 2011 on 7:40 pm | In Interpreting Dreams | No Comments

Meanings and Close Analysis of the Symbols in Dreams

By Johnnie J. Lim

In addition to the article I posted in the web entitled “Dream Interpretations”, I would like to share this knowledge based on my special gift to foresee the meanings behind the symbols people see in dreams.

Theories of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung have already tried to explain why people dream. But the meaning behind the objects seen in dreams are still ambiguous to those who experience amazing dreams while sleeping. The following are my own analysis of the meaning behind the symbols one sees in dreams:

1. Dreaming of a crocodile is not good. Whether you only see this reptile on a distance or closer, you  should be cautious as soon as you wake, because someone, an enemy,  is planning to hurt or harm you. This is a warning to allow you to think of what to do with the incoming danger. The intensity of the situation is seen if the crocodile bites you in that dream.

2. Dreaming of the moon is a good luck. If you dream  that  the moon comes closer to you  whether or not the moon reduces in size, blessings or good fortunes are on the way for you.

3. Dreaming of the stars is good. If you dream that any of the stars in the sky comes down for you, especially if the stars land on your lap or enter your shirts, marriage seems possible on the way or is fast approaching. In other  words, the time for  to get marry  has come. If in that dream your pick the stars  with the use of any long wooden or metal stuff,  you   will have the right to choose a life-time partner.


4. Dreaming of someone who’s already dead is a bad omen. This symbolizes trouble. If in that dream, you talk to the dead (whether the dead is a family member, a relative, or not) you  would face possible trouble as soon as you wake. There’s a tendency for  you  to utter bad or unpleasant words which will really result to a conflict if you can’t control your temper.

5. Dreaming of a cemetery or a tomb is a sign of bad issues, small talks, or gossips. This informs you  that you will become a subject of the gossips of the people around you.

6. Dreaming of playing with a monkey or monkeys means that you  will have a double-tongue or a treacherous friend.

7. Dreaming of riding a dragon on its back means that you will be able to defeat your  enemy or will win the fight.

8. Dreaming of riding an elephant is good. This means that you will soon have a progressive life.

9. Dreaming of eating something sweet or salty is good. This means that happiness is on the way. If the food, especially fruit, is sour or bitter, sadness is on the way.

10. Dreaming of the doom or the end of the world especially if you experience great fear and even cry in that dream, you will have a possible chance of becoming wealthy, or a prosperous life is about to come for you.

11. Dreaming of a white bird flying round and round above the roof of your house or if that white bird takes time to rest on top of your neighbor’s house is bad. This informs you  that your girlfriend, wife, boy friend, or husband is having a secret affair with someone.

12. Dreaming of becoming insane is good. If you are experiencing confusions or problems, you will be able to get out of it sooner or will have a peace of mind.

13. Dreaming of climbing a high mountain especially if you had sat or taken time to rest on its peak is good. This means that you will achieve your plans.

14. Dreaming of a tornado or a hurricane is not good. This is a sign of danger. You will be facing a problem.

15. Dreaming of staring at your self in the mirror is good. If you are a girl, but you look like a boy in that mirror, or if you are a boy, but you look like a girl in that mirror,  someone  loves you sincerely.

Johnnie J. Lim is a graduate of Ateneo de Zamboanga University, Philippines with Master of Arts in English. He was an Editor-in-Chief during his college at Mindanao State University where he finished his Bachelor of Science in Education major in English.

In 2008-2009, he worked as an English teacher in Non-Destructive Testing Technology Institute, 2nd Industrial City of Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where he taught General English to Arab college students. In 1998-2008, He worked as an English teacher and later became the Language Coordinator in Notre Dame of Jolo College, Jolo, Sulu, Philippines. He also served as one of the representatives of the American Studies Program Committee through the initiative of the Thomas Jefferson Information Center of US Embassy Manila in putting up American Studies Resource Centers in some of the colleges/universities in the Philippines. In 1994-1996, he worked as a high school English teacher in Luuk National High School, Luuk, Sulu, Philippines.

Mr. Lim has conducted a research entitled “Students’ Reactions on Code Switching among Teachers”. He has been serving as a dream interpreter since his college days. He is knowledgeable about the hidden meanings behind specific hour. He also knows how to decipher the meaning behind the occasional movement of any part in the body.

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