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Mental Health Assessment Based mostly on Scientific Discovery – The Most Effective Treatment You Could Find

July 12, 2013 on 1:49 pm | In History and Beliefs, Interpreting Dreams | 1 Comment
C. G. Jung institute in Küsnacht, Switzerland....

C. G. Jung institute in Küsnacht, Switzerland.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mental Health Assessment Based mostly on Scientific Discovery – The Most Effective Treatment You Could Find

I had the intention to convince the globe that only the psychiatrist Carl Jung discovered the proper technique of dream interpretation, once I started writing my 1st scientific book, in 1988. As a writer and thinker looking for wisdom, and as a desperate person trying for peace and mental health, I arduously followed Jung’s method of dream interpretation. I verified that he had extremely discovered the means of the symbolic dream language and the mental health assessment provided by the dream messages.

I had researched many documents concerning scientific discoveries that happened when Jung’s death in many totally different fields, that clearly proved that his theories were real discoveries and not mere suppositions.

In the end I saw that my mission wasn’t solely to sway the world that Jung was right. I had also to continue his esoteric research in the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation, so as to discover the anti-conscience; our wild and primitive conscience that’s still alive in our psyche.

This new scientific discovery together with the confirmation of the extraordinary knowledge of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams lead me to get the cure for all mental illnesses. I verified that obedience to our inner unconscious steerage provides the foremost effective treatment on the market to human beings. This unconscious knowledge eliminates all mental diseases and mental disorders imposed by the anti-conscience upon our acutely aware mind.

We will additionally stop all mental sicknesses by following the unconscious guidance in dream messages.

This new scientific discovery goes to completely transform our world. But, any new scientific discovery is recognized and accepted by the complete humanity solely when a long period of time.

You don’t want to attend for the general acceptance, though. You can verify by yourself how true this discovery is by reading my on-line articles and putting all my lessons into practice. Once you study the unconscious language, you’ll discover the dear messages you receive in your own dreams. They can be delivered to youin the form of images instead of words.

For example, after you see a dream in which you’re talking with many individuals and suddenly a dog appears, you’ll immediately understand that you are being influenced by several negative elements of your temperament (represented by the other folks) and this can be why you’re accepting immorality. The dog represents infidelity. Take care as a result of when you accept cheating on your partner you let the anti-conscience control your behavior.

If you also see a snake appearing close to the dog, it means that that you’re creating serious mistakes by adhering to immoral behavior. In order for you to prevent repeating these mistakes, you will should face painful experiences. These painful experiences will act like a punishment, however most significantly they will conjointly serve as a therapy to correct maladaptive behaviors.

The snake represents the poison that becomes medicine as a result a tragic expertise, you may stop doing what’s negative and could bring you worse consequences in the future.If you’re smart you’ll care regarding correcting your mistakes before having to meet up with a tragic experience so as to be told your lesson, and perceive that you are wrong.

Due to the discovery of the existence of the anti-conscience within the human psyche, you’ll be able to now immediately understand all dream messages, and simply follow the unconscious treatment. You do not see only a part of the reality; you’ve got a total vision of all the hazards that threaten your mental health and your happiness. This manner, you know precisely what to try and do so as to guarantee your safety.

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