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Never Let Others Destroy Your Dreams

March 5, 2012 on 9:15 pm | In Dreaming True, Interpreting Dreams, Musings | No Comments

Never let others destroy your dreams. That can mean many things.

In dreamwork, that means never letting others push their own interpretation of your dreams off on you. Others can offer suggestions, but only you can be sure what your dreams mean. It depends on what resonates with you.

In daily life, it means not letting nay-sayers squash your hopes, visions, and dreams of the future. It means having the courage to believe in yourself and take action to make your dreams—even your night dreams if you like them—come true. Let no one discourage you from fulfilling your dreams.

Practically speaking you can protect your dreams, and the possibilities they represent, by not letting criminals steal your identity. Identity theft can rob you of your credit rating, empty your bank account, and allow criminals to run up tens of thousands of dollars of debt in your name.

Identity thieves can keep you from getting the education you want, the job you need, the house you have always dreamed of—and more. So what do you do to prevent that?

An identity protection service such as IdentityHawk can help protect your identity and help you restore your identity if it is compromised by data loss at your school or work, on line, or through a security breach at your bank or a credit card company—among other places. Knowing your identity, bank accounts, and credit rating are safe from identity fraud provides peace of mind and protects your future.

Identity theft protection not only helps you safeguard your money, reputation and possessions, they also help you assess the health of your identity, show you the areas where it may be most at risk, and help you take steps to reduce the risks. in other words, they help you protect your dreams now and in the future.

Dreams are fragile things. Take care of your dreams, heed them, and take action to protect the means to make them come true.

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