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The Complete Dream Book, 2nd edition: Discover What Your Dreams Reveal about You and Your Life

September 10, 2012 on 3:34 am | In Interpreting Dreams | 3 Comments
The Complete Dream Book, 2nd Edition

The Complete Dream Book, 2nd Edition

The Complete Dream Book

The average person will dream over 150,000 dreams in a lifetime–each one a complex web of imagery and deeper meaning. The Complete Dream Book uses the interpretation of 28,000 actual dreams from contemporary dreamers, just like you, to help you access the substance and meaning of your own dreams.

–Who’s who in your dreams
–Which dreams recur during certain life stages
–The true meaning behind your nightmares
–Why you have certain dreams again and again
–How to tell if a dream is worth interpreting–and if you’ve done it correctly
–The phenomenon of precognitive dreams

The Complete Dream Book is the only dream interpretation book based on concrete data about real people’s dreams and how the real events in their lives relate to their nighttime visions.

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  1. One of the most useful dream interpretation books Got a dream dictionary and find it useless? Think using a dream dictionary is like trying to form a cohesive picture from a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces are cut exactly the same? The Complete Dream Book takes a different angle on dream interpretation.Based on a database of over 18,000 dreams, the author provides real-life interpretation of common dreams. There are common dreams that occur during certain stages of life, at certain ages, and during certain changes and situations.This book looks at these common themes in dreams and what they mean to the dreamer. While she does cover common dream symbols such as cars, houses and the like, the fascinating part of the book is the common themes (can’t get your locker door open or finding an new room in your home or finding a treasure, for examples).This is the most useful and pragmatic dream interpretation book that I have ever read and I found myself regularly commenting about how appropriate an interpretation was for a particular dream of mine.Kudos to Gillian Holloway for what has to be one of the most useful dream interpretation books on the market today.

    Comment by Harold McFarland — September 10, 2012 #

  2. Best book on dreams I have ever read This is a very accessible, yet deeply significant book. I have been interested in dreams for as long as I can remember, but I never truly understood them, for they always seemed so weird and random. I’ve read many books on dreams and many dream dictionaries, and always found them disappointing and unhelpful, as they never seemed to pertain to my life. Gillian Holloway’s book is different – not only does she offer contemporary explanations for what your dreams might mean, she gives you the tools necessary to learn to understand them so interpreting them yourself becomes easier with time. She believes that dreams are messages from our subconscious mind, and that if we learn to understand the language, we can become better in tune with our true selves. This book has made a profound difference in the way I perceive my dreams. I have begun to recognize the symbols in my dreams, and have learned how to apply the meaning to current problems or situations in my life. I would recommend this book for anyone interested in dreams and anyone who wants to become better connected with their inner selves.

    Comment by O. B. Mugnier — September 10, 2012 #

  3. Enormously helpful I greatly enjoyed The Complete Dream Book. (…)I have read many, many books about dreams and dream analysis and can confidently say this book is NOT a typical “dream dictionary,” and it is NOT a “similar treatment” of the subject. Holloway takes the unique approach of starting from the dreams themselves and from the dreamers’ lives. Finding correlations between dream life and waking life validates her interpretations, which often differ in surprising ways from “traditional” interpretations and make a great deal of sense.

    Comment by mirau "critical eye, good intentions" — September 10, 2012 #

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