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To Dream of Teeth Falling Out and Dream Interpretations to Die For

July 8, 2013 on 3:31 pm | In Interpreting Dreams | No Comments
An eight-year old's deciduous teeth.

An eight-year old’s deciduous teeth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To dream of teeth falling out is one of the most common dreams of all time, and many people see it as a need to go to the dentist and book a dental check-up, however people also wonder if they are grinding of their teeth too much while they sleep and a stressful sleep can usually be the root cause of this as-well.

Dream interpretations investigate the state of your mental health, but if you really want to get to grips with the meaning of this, then think of this all the way back to your childhood.

* One thing we all experienced in childhood.

Losing your milk or baby teeth as we know it, is probably the reason why you dream of teeth falling out in your sleep and for several years after that, but common dream interpretations and memories of those years include not being able to speak clearly or being misunderstood or made fun of by well-meaning adults, all contribute to this behavior.

To dream of teeth falling out is a good sign of struggling to be taken seriously while being treated like a child. So Here’s the tip…

When you dream of teeth falling out, you are usually trying to communicate with someone and usually someone with authority that has left you feeling less than equal like a child. Other contributing things to this type of dream could be your lack of confidence, self-esteem or inner strength.

Ask yourself if you fear or feel that you are losing this in your waking life because the changes you can make to build and grow with new strengths, and more knowledge will help you to understand your dream interpretations.

* Understanding all your dream experiences.

Everyone dreams every night, but not all people dream of teeth falling out or remember their dream interpretations, usually not at all or even on a regular basis. One thing that is most likely to turn off your dream recall, is something that has gone on for many years, which is FEAR.

Fear can do amazing things to the human body, and it only takes one frightening experience, that can put a stop on remembering your dreams at any time.

When you turn your back on a situation that is worrying you like you dream of teeth falling out, your dream interpretation of this grows way out of proportion and when you face that worrying situation and really look at it thoroughly, it is never as bad as it seemed and you always see a solution to the end.. and this is the same with many other dream interpretations you may choose to analyze.

* Try to value your dreams more.

This is something you also need to practice, you may have made a habit of not remembering dreams and this commonly happens in childhood, but when you dream of teeth falling out in a nightmare, and your parent soothes you by saying.. it was just a dream, however a bad dream or two early in your life may have been sufficient for you to switch off with no recall at all, or dream interpretations such as when you dream of teeth falling out during your sleep.

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For information about the next time you dream of teeth falling out, go to ==> Dream-Of-Teeth-Falling-Out. Also, go to ==> Dream Interpretations. You will soon be remembering all you scary dreams.. Yakes!


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