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Why You May Need Professional, Therapeutic Dream Interpretation

May 8, 2012 on 4:24 pm | In Dreamwork, Interpreting Dreams | No Comments

Most of the time, dream interpretation is something that we should do for ourselves, as part of our dreamwork. That is a large part of why we keep dream journals.

A friend or group can facilitate that dreamwork by asking leading questions and sharing insights, respectfully and without trying to insist that their observation or suggestion is “the right one.” Even an untrained friend can offer insights as to what an image might mean to *you,* based on their knowledge of you—or simply by asking leading questions to help you focus.

But there are times when extremely troubling dreams are not easily interpreted by amateurs. Such dreams may indicate deep emotional traumas or other issues that require a jungian therapist to fully resolve them.

Dreamwork is a major therapeutic tool in jungian analysis. All jungian therapists are trained in it. They are usually the best psychotherapists for helping you work with your dreams and with other therapeutic imagery.

You may need the help of a professional dream specialist, a Jungian-trained psycho therapist, for therapeutic dream interpretation to resolve your issues. You may need, for example, a therapist like Douglas Tompkins, M.Div., L.P., NCPsyA, who practices in mid-town Manhattan (New York City). Tompkins is thoroughly trained and experienced  in the methods of Dr. Karl Jung and helps clients make the most of the healing effects and insights from their dreams.

However, even if you live far outside the New York area, you should still be able find a jungian therapist in your region. Most large cities have a number of qualified jungian therapists in practice, and there are jungian therapists in many smaller cities as well. So you should be able to find one.

You may get a referral from friends, from a physician, or from another therapist. Whatever you do, it is well worth making the effort to get the help you need to resolve the deeper issues underlying those puzzling and troubling dreams.


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