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Oct. 15 – dream workshop

September 16, 2013 on 1:38 am | In Dreamwork | 1 Comment

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop on dreams and sacred femininity with Anne Scott this weekend. I loved this sign posted outside the church where the workshop was held.

The workshop was about the power of dreams in providing nourishment and guidance in our waking life. It wasn’t so much about dream interpretation (horse = power!), but about listening to the unconscious and subconscious wisdom that each of us has access to.

Here is the dream I shared with the group.

I went on a search for an old table/chairs that I used to have in my childhood bedroom. This table/chairs that I had in real life was kid-sized. It was the place where I did all kinds of drawing, coloring, and creating. It was the center of my creative life as an 8-year-old kid. I was joined by my parents and brothers in this quest to reclaim the table and chairs.

After a great deal of searching, we found the table and chairs in a shabby old apartment building where a lot of artists lived. I was incredibly excited to see this old furniture again. A resident of the building had claimed my beloved kid-sized table, and was using it as his nightstand.

The apartment building where we found them had kind of a bohemian vibe. All the walls in the building were cluttered and covered with magazine clippings, newspaper pages, splashes of paint, snapshots, and so on. It was both cool and a little overwhelming. Every square inch of available surface was just covered up with stuff.

While I was in the process of reclaiming the table and chairs, I noticed the apartment across the hall. It was entirely unlike all the other apartments in the building. It was open and spacious and full of light. It had huge floor-to-ceiling windows and it was almost devoid of furniture. The only thing in the center of the large drawing room of this apartment was a huge white grand piano. While my family set about trying to extract the table from the apartment, I quickly lost interest in the old furniture and was drawn to this amazingly different apartment.

What I find interesting about this dream is that a couple of weeks after dreaming it, an opportunity fell into my lap to move into a larger apartment here in Decatur. It isn’t a huge empty place with a grand piano in the center, but it has a lot more light and a lot more apartment than my current space. Huh.

I move in on Oct. 30.

When Anne Scott heard this dream and heard me talking about it, she nodded. "Yes," she said. "You don’t need the old furniture anymore. You can leave that behind. Claim the piano. It’s yours."

I think "claim the piano" may become my new personal motto.

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  1. Wow.

    Comment by Elizalou — September 16, 2013 #

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