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The Use of Dreams in Jungian Psychotherapy

December 6, 2012 on 5:32 pm | In Dreamwork | No Comments

Dr. Carl Jung was one of the pioneers of psychotherapy. He was a student and friend of Dr. Sigmund Freud, but they parted ways after Jung developed his own concepts and methods, which are still in use today.

Carl jung differed greatly from Freud in his approach to the use of dreams in psychotherapy. Jung valued what he saw as the innate wisdom of the unconscious mind and considered dreams to be valuable messages from one’s inner self. Because of that, dreams become an important part of his work.

Jung discovered similar patterns and images in the imaginations of people of many cultures and walks of life. He called those recurring images, which so often populate our dreams, archetypes. The appearance of particular archetypes in a person’s dreams gave Jung insights into what was going on in their subconscious mind and helped him direct their therapy.

Closely related to dreams are the mandalas that Jung studied and then guided his patients to make for themselves. Those, too, provided clues to the inner lives of his patients. More important, they put the patients themselves more closely in touch with their inner feelings and images, which are closely related to the images in dreams.

Jungian therapists are experts in Jungian analysis. And they know how it feels to be analyzed. Each has to experience the process as a patient before going into practice. There are Jungian therapists all over the world, but you are probably most likely to find a great classic jungian analyst in Manhattan.

Jungian therapy has been appreciated and practiced there for many decades, and some of the best Jungians are located there. Most major cities have Jung Centers, which host meetings and lectures on jungian analysis and related topics. If you are too far from New York City to commute there and are looking for local experts in jungian analysis in your area, or just want to know more about Jung and jungian theory, a Jung Center is a great place to start.

If you can reasonably travel to New York for therapy, it is well worth the journey. You will find some of the finest Jungian therapists in the world in Manhattan.

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