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Dreams: Parts 1 and 2 (Jayne Anne Krentz Reissue)

July 18, 2013 on 12:52 pm | In Fiction & Folklore | 2 Comments

Diana Prentice and Colby Savagar are overcome by dreams linked to the past, and their destined love for each other is soon used to fulfill the ancient prophecy of the Chained Lady. Reprint.

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  1. A blast from the not so wonderful past… To be honest, I feel a bit cheated. Dreams was written in 1988 (rather than the posted date of 2013), and it shows. While the story was intriguing, I was so busy cringing at the male chauvinism and the ‘little woman’ trying to become ‘I am woman hear me roar’, I kept losing the plot. This is not the fault of the author by any means, it is the way it was in the 80′s (I remember that decade all too vividly. Bad times were had by all).A little romance, a little adventure, a little creepy fantasy, the expected Happily Every after.3 stars because Ms. Krentz is incapable of writing a bad book, but be warned, Dreams is a “historical contemporary” and more than a little dated.

    Comment by lwd — July 19, 2013 #

  2. Early JAK is a preview of her talent I have this book (Both) kept from the originals and will keep them with the rest of my JAK collection. I only bought the Kindle version because I reread my books about once a year and never know where the mood will strike. I’m in the process of collecting all my favorites as they come out at a good price. By the time the first book came out I was already a big fan. That being said, there was very little if any editing done before the book was sold as Kindle. Mistakes in lines, names and spelling show up more than they should. I get the feeling that the book was was just scanned into format and ignored. Tsk, tsk

    Comment by Susan L. Bennett — July 19, 2013 #

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