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Detoxing the Body Allows Natural Dreams to Guide You

July 13, 2013 on 11:39 am | In Health and Dreams, Taking Action | No Comments

 Medical research shows that drinking alcohol and taking drugs, including many prescription medications, interferes with REM sleep and dreaming. So while consuming enough alcohol and drugs can cause you to have delusions or hallucinations, it can also cut you off from the important information and guidance that can be provided by natural dreams.

Among all the good reasons to get drugs and alcohol out of your system, so you can start healing, reclaiming the body’s natural power of dreaming is also imoportant. Drams can help you heal, and the ability to dream is important for your mental health.

Any therapist will tell you that the first stop in treating your problem with substance abuse is to stop using. Therapy can’t work while you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs, much less if you have both in your system.

But it’s hard to stop on your own. It can even be dangerous. The safest and most effective way—for many the only way—to get alcohol and drugs out of your system is to get into a medically supervised detox program.

If you have a loved one who needs help, a good detox center will help you with the intervention. They will also provide information on support groups and other resources that you and your loved one will need now and in the future. You can’t do this alone. You and your loved one need professional help.

Most large cities have a good detox program. Check around and find the one that best fits your family’s needs. In Southern California there is Orange County Detox. They’ll help you clean up and start healing your life.

 So you can get back to your dreams.

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