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How to Hypnotize – How to Make Anyone Achieve Deep Trance

May 3, 2014 on 9:16 pm | In Hypnosis Sessions | No Comments

In this article we will cover ways of deepening trance of the person you are trying to hypnotize. You begin to deepen trance of a person when he reaches state of light hypnosis and you want him to reach average or deep trance. You have to remember that it is a very hard task as not everyone will achieve average hypnotic trance, not even mentioning deep. But in most of the cases you don’t have to worry about that, as deepest state of trance is needed mostly in stage hypnosis and other acts where people have to “ignore” vivid stimuli you have no control of.

If you want to use hypnosis in order to get rid off bad habits, learn foreign languages or end unhealthy addictions, all you need is average or even light trance state. Most of the time to deepen trance level of person you are trying to hypnotize, you give him more and more demanding suggestions. At the same time we insinuate that by following our suggestions hypnosis subject is getting into deeper trance.

When a person is within average level of trance deepness he can do things listed below:
– Not feeling any sensations, pain, etc. – this state is called anesthesia. (Interesting fact, not many people know of is, that anesthesia can be achieved in a light trance)
– Loss of memory during hypnosis and after its completion (posthypnotic amnesia), of what happened during hypnosis.
– “traveling in time” for example, returning to the events from childhood.
– Experience unreal suggestions such as floating in air, swimming, or traveling to different places in their minds.
– Accept posthypnotic suggestions. Unfortunately, verifying acceptance of this kind of suggestions is only possible after hypnosis.

When hypnotized person reaches average level of hypnotic trance we can try to make him open his eyes and walk. However, you have to remember this is a very delicate state of mind and by giving too difficult suggestions to subject of hypnosis, you can make him pop out of hypnotic trance immediately. If hypnotized person reacts and completes these kind of suggestions it means he is currently in very deep trance and he will complete nearly any kind of suggestion.

There you go, above you have basics of trance deepening. While, it is barely introduction to this topic, as you have to know how to craft your suggestions so they don’t cause subject of hypnosis to leave trance states, it should give you good idea about what the process is about. I wish you luck and success in hypnotizing other people.

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