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Natural Night Sleep Hypnosis

October 11, 2012 on 10:34 pm | In Hypnosis Sessions | No Comments

Medical research has shown that dreaming, or the REM state in which dreams occur, is essential to physical and mental health. Sleep helps heal the body, but apparently dreams help keep the mind healthy. So it makes sense to do what you need to to make sure you can sleep.

But sleeping pills and other drugs can interfere with the REM state in which dreams occur. So it also makes good sense to use the most natural means possible to achieve a good night’s sleep instead of just popping a pill, which can leave you groggy the next day as well as interfering with the need for dreaming.

Hypnosis can be one safe, natural answer to the problem of insomnia. Please note, though, that while virtually everyone can be hypnotized, there are many different induction methods, and not all methods work for every person. Even the hypnotist’s voice matters. 

So if one program or hypnotherapist does not work for you, keep lookng till you find one that works foe you.

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