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You Never Know When You May Need a Criminal Defense Attorney…

July 8, 2013 on 5:14 pm | In Musings, Taking Action | No Comments

Have you ever gotten that call in the middle of the night? A friend or family member has been arrested and needs your help. What do you do?

Sometimes it’s as simple as giving then a ride home from jail. Other times you may need to help find them a good lawyer really fast.

Sometimes your friend or family member has not even been arrested yet, but you know that they may be. In some cases, they need to contact a criminal defense attorney before the police arrive, so they can answer questions without incriminating themselves. Sound far-fetched? No. It happens all the time.

We always think of kids getting into bad company and being picked up just because of who they are with. But it happens to adults, too.

We meet people casually at clubs, at work, through people we don’t know very well. Seldom do we stop to think that they may not be what they seem.

Here’s an example of a situation that could have gone badly. A group of women who included a college professor, business owners, and other responsible middle-aged types formed a group to get together and play music once a month. The group was open to any women who wanted to come.

A shop provided a free meeting place, outside on their patio. One evening I went inside the shop and found that the front door was unlocked and the clerk was smoking dope in the garage. If a police officer had walked into the shop, a whole group of innocent women could have been arrested, and some would have lost their jobs.

When I found out that some of the group leaders were participating in the on-premises pot smoking, I never went back to the group. It was fun, but the risk was not worth it.

So I started thinking: It is important to have with you the name and number of a good criminal defense attorney with you at all times. You can program it into your phone. Maybe you’ll never need it, but you never know. It could have happened to me, and it could happen to you.

The time to do some research and ask around for referrals is before you need them. Every city has at least some good criminal defense lawyers. For example, in San Luis Obispo there’s the Appel & Morse criminal law firm.

Make sure you know who to call in your town—just in case.

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