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Getting Kids Out of Trouble

July 8, 2013 on 11:02 am | In Musings, Taking Action | No Comments

 No matter how well you raise your kids, they can still get into trouble. They don’t even have to do anything wrong themselves to get arrested. Many a teenager has gone to jail because they accepted a ride from another kid who happened to be driving a stolen car.

Kids have spent years in jail because their new friend shoplifted while both were in different parts of the same store. It happens. And some kids get in with a bad crowd and simply make stupid mistakes.

While juvenile conviction records are sealed, no one wants their child to spend time in jail for something they didn’t do. So what do you do if your child gets into trouble?

Middle class parents often think to call the family’s general practice attorney, but that may not be the best thing to do. The lawyer who wrote your will may have little or no experience with juvenile court, and that’s what you really need.

A good juvenile lawyer has extra training and experience in juvenile cases. They also have the contacts in juvenile court to help make your child’s case go smoothly. They know the judges. They know how to talk to kids. They know how to make deals.

If your child actually did participate in a crime, it is especially important to hire a lawyer to can get them off with probation or public service—or at least a reduced sentence. If they did not do anything wrong, they need a lawyer who can keep them out of jail instead of making a plea bargain.

Wherever you live, there are good juvenile attorneys. You need to do some research. Ask around. Make sure you are getting good representation for your child. A mediocre attorney, or one with little or no experience with juvenile cases, can often cost as much or more than a good juvenile lawyer.

There are many good juvenile lawyers out there, and they are worth seeking out for the sake of your child’s freedom and future. In Pittsburgh, PA, for example, there’s Michael Worgul. He’s particularly good with underage drinking and driving cases and specializes in dui and criminal defense.

Wherever you live, it’s worth making the effort to find the best attorney for your child’s case.

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