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Naturopathic Health Care Is the Natural Way to Be Well

July 27, 2013 on 12:33 pm | In Musings, Taking Action | No Comments

Health is a complex concept. It includes both physical health and mental health, because the two are inextricably joined. It means more than just “not being sick.”

In ancient times, people understood that mind and body were one and that healing had many facets. While some conditions can be helped by a medicine, others cannot. Modern medicine sometimes forgets that.

Not every unhealthy condition can be cured with a drug. In fact, most modern diseases are complex conditions that require a change in lifestyle, diet and exercise to improve. That’s why alternative medicine has become so popular.

Naturopaths, for example, use standard medical diagnostics and tests, and modern pharmaceuticals when necessary. But they also provide a broad range of natural therapies to improve overall health and support the body in recovery from illnesses and conditions caused by stress or an unhealthy lifestyle.

At this point, some people may ask, “What is a naturopath?” A naturopath is a healthcare provider who practices naturopathy, form of healing that combines modern scientific knowledge and standard medical diagnostic tests and techniques with a wide range of natural, alternative therapies to get at the root cause of both acute and chronic illness.

In other words, naturopathy uses natural therapies and lifestyle changes whenever possible to create a real improvement in health, not just a temporary suppression of symptoms. The alternative therapy arsenal of a naturopath includes

- Botanical Medicine

- Diet and Lifestyle Changes

- Clinical Nutrition Supplementation and Injections

Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine

- Naturopathic Spinal Manipulation

- Homeopathic Medicine

- Hydrotherapy

 So when you want to work on getting and staying healthy, and you want to know how to prevent problems instead of just taking more and more prescription drugs, naturopathic medicine can help.

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