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Sweet Dreams of Fine Hotel Supplies

October 27, 2012 on 9:42 pm | In Musings | No Comments

From business trips to vacations, hotel rooms affect our dreams. In fact, for some of us, a nice hotel room is part of the dream trip.

First of all, you can’t dream if you can’t sleep. And little things can mean the difference between comfort and stress. You can’t work well or fully enjoy recreation if you can’t get a good night’s sleep.

Whether it’s a defective TV, shampoo that ruins your hair, sheets stiff and scratchy from partially rinsed detergent, or strong chemical smells from industrial cleaners, a hotel room can make you very uncomfortable. Or it can be a haven for restful sleep and dreams. We have all probably experienced both.

What we may not think of is that much of our comfort (or not) depends on good quality hotel supplies—from beds, soaps, and towels to TV, A/C and the vending machines down the hall. All of those things depend on the hotel using good quality supplies from a reliable supplier like PeachSuite Hotel Supply.

So sweet dreams on your next trip may depend on your hotel caring about quality supplies and choosing a supplier like Peach Suite. If you are not comfortable, speak up, fill out and mail a rating card or complaint letter, write a review. Tell the hotel about their problems.

If you own, manage, or purchase for a hotel or hotel chain, realize that little things really do mean a lot to hotel guests. Being able to buy a toothbrush and paste without having to go out late at night in a strange town, for example.

Hotel guests want a TV with good sound and a clear picture. Well-washed sheets. No chemical odor. Efficient A/C and heat. Reliable internet connection. No loud noises from cheap or poorly maintained ice or vending machines outside the door. We want to be able to enjoy meals because the kitchen uses high quality Hotel Catering Supplies.

All those things are important to us. Especially those of us who need a good rest to cope with business stresses, family issues, or just a strenuous vacation. They need their sleep, and they need their dreams.

So if you dream of having a smooth-running popular hotel with few complaints, be smart. Get all your Hotel Supplies—from cleansers to electronics—from  a quality supplier like Peach Suite. It will make your job easier.

You’ll have fewer headaches, more compliments and good reviews, and higher profits. Oh, and a better night’s sleep yourself.

Sweet dreams!


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